Meet our Staff

Hey friends, I'm Scarlette (they/them/theirs) and I am the owner here at Lucent Movement Arts. 

I opened Lucent because I saw a need for folks, particularly folks living in marginalized bodies, to have a welcoming place to heal and grow through movement and conncetion.

I always say I feel most at home when I'm teaching. It brings me so much joy and I'm grateful everyday I get to do what I love. I identify as queer & non-binary, and it's incredibly important to me to advocate for and serve the LGBQTIA+ community. 

When I'm not taking care of the business or teaching, I love spending time with my son and elderly chihuahua. I also spend a lot of time in nature, creating visual art, and trying to figure out how I can have a raccoon as a pet.

Hi friends! My name is Rebecca(she/her/hers), I also go by Bex and my stage name Symone Slynx. I am an instructor but also the studio manager here at Lucent Movement Arts.

I am a fat activist and I believe my mission in life is to pave the way for all plus size folks who have been told they couldn’t do something because of the size of their body. Whenever I or my students get scared to try something new, I like to use the quote “be the you for you”. I never had a plus size person to look up to, so I became them instead.

Dance is a huge part of my life and has healed me in so many ways, and to be able to give that gift to others brings me indescribable joy.   When not working I enjoy being the natural introvert that I am at home with my dog, eating Taco Bell, and taking a nice nap in bed.

Molly/Blak Lotus

Hello, I'm Seal (pronouns she/her or they/them) and I came to movement as part of my journey to my own body.


I am a trauma therapist, helping folks heal from all sorts of trauma and find safety in their bodies and their stories.


I believe that movement and fully inhabiting bodies and spaces is one of the best ways to heal and find joy.

Hi! My name is Meaghan, and I go by the pronouns she/her or they/them.

I am one of the aerial instructors here at Lucent Movement Arts and the lyra is my jam! I have fallen in love with being upside down not too long ago myself, and love to help others experience this wonderful art. I dream about being in a circus, 30 feet up, and just doing my thing!

Being a massage therapist helps me connect with others in regards to injury prevention and proper form, especially if you wish to fly. Books, animals, and all things nature are other parts of my life I wouldn't dare to go without!

Hi everyone I'm Nicole (she/her/hers).

Discovering the power of movement has been life changing for me. I began my journey in finding the joy of movement 6 years ago when I went from a non runner to completing a marathon. Since then I haven't stopped! I'm a determined gal aways looking for the next challenge and I make it my goal to continue to go outside of my comfort zone regularly - always trying new things and setting new goals! I enjoy almost anything that gets me moving.

I've helped develop the aerial arts program here at Lucent. Circus arts has been a creative outlet for 5+ years. As an ACE certified personal trainer, 200hr certified yoga teacher, and numerous other certifications I am here to  provide a feel good experience that will get you moving and keep you safe!

Hi I'm Laura (she/her/hers). Friends.…let me tell you why I teach Yoga. About a decade ago I was anxiety filled. My external and internal worlds were in shambles. Trying to find reprieve from my life I signed up for a Yoga Retreat. During this retreat there was space offered. Space to breath and gather myself, space to open and release all the anxiety that had filled my chest, space to move things that had been so stuck. 

One Yoga class or one Yoga retreat do not shift entire belief systems, decades of neural pathways or a lifetime of anxiety.  

BUT one yoga class or one Yoga retreat can be the beginning. The beginning of space to breath, space to release, space to shift, evolve and grow. I teach to offer you space because space is what I needed a decade ago. In addition to Yoga, I offer Pilates as a way to create strength and a solid foundation for all other movement you might like to bring into your life.

Greetings fellow humans! I go by my stage name Synderfella, use he/him pronouns, and identify with / advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community. My goal as an instructor and representative of Lucent Movement Arts is to foster an environment where people can nuture their potential through movement, art, and expression.

As a performer, I am focusing on Nerdlesque, or cosplay-burlesque. I celebrate and honor my interests of musical theatre, video games / anime, and Disney characters through the art of tease. If there is something you love, dive into your heart! You'll be suprised at what you might find. Hope to see you in class sometime!

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